9 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Cat from an Animal Rescue Group

Long Island Animal Rescue Group

Forgotten Friends of Long Island is an animal rescue group that shelters cats and dogs and finds new homes for them. Bringing a new companion home means a great day and there are a lot of great reasons why you should adopt from a shelter like us. Here are a few awesome reasons why you should adopt a cat from us!

1) You Will Save More Than One Life With Adoption

Millions of cats are living in shelters around the country. And many have to be euthanized due to constraints on space. So, when you adopt a cat, you will not only be saving the life of the cat you adopt, but you will also be saving the life of the cat who now has space to live in the shelter. We can take care of a new cat when we find homes for the ones we have, which means more lives get saved.

2) Good For Your Mental Health

Owning a cat is good for your mental health. Cats, and pets in general, have positive effects on a human's ability to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. And taking a rescue cat home from our shelter can improve your sense of happiness and general well-being. Positive changes to your life!

3) You Know The Personality of the Cat

When you adopt a rescue cat at our shelter, you will know the personality of the cat. This is because our staff has constant interactions with the cat and learn its behavior. So if there is a sort of temperament you are looking for, we can help you find it! You can adopt an older cat to act as a companion. You can find a more active and playful cat. Or you might want a calmer cat that prefers cuddles and quiet. Whatever sort of cat you want, our shelter can help you adopt the perfect feline friend!

4) Cats Can Improve A Kid's Resistance to Asthma

According to research, early exposure to a cat in the home can actually reduce an infants' sensitization to the allergens that cats produce. As a result to this exposure, those young kids have a smaller chance of developing allergic diseases. So, if you are looking to start a family or already have young children in your home, the adoption of a cat can help their general health.

5) Adopted Cats Can Make Other Pets Happy, Too

If you already have a cat, or a cat-friendly dog, then bringing in another cat from a shelter can help reduce the feelings of loneliness during the day. Of course, it may not be love at first sight as the two cats gets acclimated to one another, but they will likely build a bond together and share a friendship.

6) Perfect For Apartments

Living on Long Island often means you are living in an apartment, condo or other small space. These small spaces are tough for a dog to live in, but cats do not require the same amount of room. And make for the perfect pet when you are living in such close quarters.

7) Cats are Low Maintenance

So not only are cats great for small spaces, but they are also low maintenance pets. Unlike dogs, cats do not need to go for walks and taken out to use the bathroom. They are perfectly fine living inside in the comforts of your home or apartment. They use the bathroom when they want, since the litter box is in the home. So you can leave the house and come back on a whim and they aren't in desperate need to go out. Just give them some toys and a cat tree to look out the window and cats can maintain their own enjoyment.

8) Perfect for Senior Companionship

And since cats are so low maintenance, they make for great companionship for seniors. Especially older, more calm cats. They are easy to care for and can match the lifestyle of an older person. And of course, we can give you advice on how to best care for the cat you adopt.

9) Variety of Cats to Adopt

When you come down to Forgotten Friends of Long Island, you will see many different types of cats up for adoption. From kittens to seniors, short-haired to long-haired, and all sizes and colors. So if there is a particular type of cat you want to adopt, our animal rescue group can help find you the perfect companion to take home.

Learn more about the adoption process today. We make sure we vet all potential cat adopters to ensure our feline friends find an acceptable home. The number for our office is 516-719-0808. When you call, we can provide you with more details about cat adoption and how we go about it.


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