Happy Tails

These are our most recent success stories. We are so very happy to say,

"Welcome Home" and THANK YOU ADOPTERS!

Our sweet Sophie came to us so loving and so ready to find her forever home and family.  We are thrilled that her wait is over and that she is now in a home where she is the Queen.  Sophie will never want for anything and her days will be filled with joy and love.

8 year old Nathan needed a new home after his human sister became allergic. He is now living his best life with his new Dad Gurmilan!

We could not be happier to see Chrissy leave for her forever home.  This little dog had a rough start but never lost her happy sweet personality.  Welcome Home Chrissy, have a wonderful life.

Ryan who's owner passed away during the lock down has a whole new family complete with cat siblings that adore him!

We were happy to see our little guy Oliver leave for his wonderful forever home.  We know he will grow up surrounded by a family who will love and care for him the way all our pets deserve.   Welcome Home Oliver.

These two kittens were abandoned on a front lawn in Levittown, now they will never have to worry again!

Welcome Home Charlie and Andre!


These bonded sisters were rescued from a cat colony, together furever!

Welcome home

Today we were able to wish our adorable Duke a farewell and watched him leave with an amazing family who adore him.  Duke will never know loneliness or abandonment again and his days will be filled with love and fun family times.

Our funny Bruno made us all laugh but he needed a family to entertain.  We were so happy when he found that wonderful forever family and is now the clown of the house!  Welcome Home Bruno!!

It was wonderful seeing little Bella go home with such wonderful people.  She will be their princess and will never know fear or abandonment again.  

Welcome Home Bella renamed Georgia!

Little Noel was turned in by her family to a high kill shelter and she was lost and confused and scared.  Today Noel went home with a family whose smiles reflect their love for her.  Today Princess Noel was born and we could not be happier for her.  Welcome Home Noel!

Mary's life was almost taken from her in a high kill shelter but today Mary is home with a family who could not love her more.  We are all so happy to say "Welcome  Home Mary"!!!

Welcome home to our two sweet kittens Scarlet and Hunter!

Little Annie was a BIG hit with her loving new family.  They couldn't wait to get her home and shower her with love, toys, and fun!

When brother and sister Sara and Tibbs came to us, we hoped and prayed someone would come for the both of them.  These youngsters were so close and had spent their 6 months of life together.  Our prayers were answered!!!

We are thrilled to see our girl Mary go home with a wonderful family and a volunteer to boot!  Nick and his family fell in love and Mary felt the exact same way.  Welcome home Mary!!  We are so happy for all of you.

Sweet Buzzy has finally found a furever home! We are thrilled!

Tyler's big heart matched his body and a sweeter dog would be  hard to find.  Tyler is a gentle giant who is calm, loving, and now is part of a wonderful family.  We are so happy for you Tyler, Welcome Home.

Today we saw our adorable Freddie smile broadly and hop in the car with his new Mom and Dad.  We are very happy to see him go to a wonderful loving home and we know Freddie's life will be forever changed, in a wonderful way!  Welcome Home Freddie.

Gizmo's foster family grew quickly to love him and knew he had found his forever home with them.  We are happy to know brothers Gizmo and Tater are now with families who will love and care for them always.

We could not be happier than to see a wonderful deserving dog like Tasha go to a wonderful guy like Tyler.  These two are best friends and enjoying walks on the beach and rides in the car and just relaxing together at home.  Tasha has found her forever home and we are thrilled!!

Our sweet Maggie totally lucked out by landing a forever home with her foster family.  Lynda and her family took wonderful care of her through her emaciation and subsequent heartworm treatments.  Now Maggie is looking good, feeling great, and more importantly greatly loved.  We are so happy to see Maggie in a wonderful forever home!

Today we smiled to see an adorable young dog get into the car with her new Mom and head  home.  We are so happy for you Bella! Thank you so much Karen and family.  We know there are only good things in her future now that she is in such a loving home!

Pal was so very lucky to only wait 24 hours with us before his forever family came for him.  He is loved and he has a canine sister Lola Mae to run and play with.  We thank our two time adopters for giving yet another Forgotten Friends dog a wonderful forever home.  Welcome Home Pal, now Scooby!!!

We are happy to see our beloved dogs and cats go home to wonderful people, but to see two brothers go home together is a dream come true for us.  We were thrilled to see Moe and Larry adopted together to a loving family where they will be lovingly cared for and will be so very happy!!!

Made our day to see our adorable Tater go home to a wonderful family! He found love and commitment with people whose pets are family, as it should be.  These are the kind of people we look for and we treasure.  

We were thrilled to see an amazing dog named Faith go home to a wonderful family like the Gogolas.  Little Amelia has renamed her best friend "Matilda" and we think the name is almost as adorable as she is.

Our adorable Gabby went home to a wonderful couple and their little dog Chewy.  We were thrilled to see Gabby so happy and so loved!!!  Thank you adopters!!

We were so happy for our sweet sisters Maddie and Liv as they left for an amazing home with a wonderful couple who will give them the world.  We thank this lovely couple for giving them a chance to shine. 

This precious little baby went home and is happy as can be.  Enjoy your new life in your forever home Tink!

This handsome stud Pouch didn't last long... he won the hearts of a wonderful family that lost their dog and had room in their hearts for our sweet boy.  They fell in love at first sight ( how could you not with that face) and he now lives in a lovely home with a yard he enjoys with 3 people who will love him forever.

Sweet Ivy went home to the perfect family with a big yard to play in and a family that adored her.  She will be very happy from now on.

There is not a dry eye in the house as we celebrate the adoption of Lynn.  She waited almost a year with us and she is the best of the best and so deserving of a loving home.  Thank you Stephanie for working so hard to be able to find a place for you and your BFF: Lynn

Adorable Dallas left last evening to join his wonderful forever family with two dog siblings and a human boy too! :)  We can't thank this wonderful family enough for adopting not one, not two, but three of our dogs!!!  

We couldn't have been happier to see little Roxy go home with our wonderful volunteer Susan.  She is happy as a clam in her new home with her brother Joey.   So adorable!!!   

Jack is officially home. He want from a hording situation to having a loving new family and 3 kids to play. Happy life Jack!

Our Sweet little Lee Lee went home! She will never be alone again!

Welcome home!

Today our little Rascal found his forever home.  He found a family who is over the moon happy to have him in their lives.  That is how everyone should feel, because these animals are a priceless gift to mankind.  Welcome Home Rascal!

Yesterday we saw our adorable Foxy leave with her new Mom.   Lisa drove for hours to get her and it was love at first sight.  We are so happy Foxy found the home that was just meant to be hers.  Welcome Home Foxy!

We are so happy to see our Angel go to a wonderful forever home.  She is just the best girl and so deserving.  Welcome Home Angel!!!  Have a happy long life with Liz.

Talk about a match made in heaven?  That is the only way to describe the amazing home our Bam Bam went to.  He and his new parents enjoy every moment of every day together and he is treated like a King.  They are beyond happy with him and he sure feels the same way!  Welcome Home Bam Bam!!

Sammie's family was heartbroken over the loss of their beloved senior dog, and came to meet our Sammie.  This adorable dog's face alone could brighten any day.  We have no doubt that Sammie will put a big smile on his new family's face.  Sammie is going home!!!  Happy times ahead for all!

We are thrilled that both our adorable dachshund brothers have gone to loving forever homes with amazing people who will love them forever.  Thank you to the adopters who welcomed them into their home and heart.   Welcome Home Boss and Buddy!!!

Our adorable Thumbelina landed a wonderful home last evening, where she will no doubt be loved and cherished the rest of her life.  We are so happy to say today, "Welcome Home Thumbelina".

Charlie left yesterday for his loving forever home.  He has two small siblings and will always have a canine friend to play with.  He has a loving family who love the tiny dogs and have a safe and loving home for them.

We are so happy to say today, "Welcome Home Charlie". 

Beautiful Bella didn't have to wait long to go home to a loving family.  She was the dog of their dreams and a match made in heaven.  We are so happy to say, "Welcome Home Bella"!!

We are overjoyed that our wonderful Grace has gone to a loving forever home with such understanding, kind people like Jim, June and family!  We could not be happier to see her with a family who will love her forever.  We are thrilled to say today, "Welcome Home Grace"!!

We are very happy to know our little Toby will be going home to our very own and very special Dog Volunteer and her family, who fell in love with the little guy and couldn't imagine life without him.  We have no doubt Cynthia and her wonderful family will give Toby a special, loving, forever home.  Welcome Home Toby!!

Yesterday our little Georgie went home with his loving Mom and we think the match was just perfect.  They will spend their days walking and relaxing and enjoying life.  No one had time for Georgie before, but now he will be King of the Hill 24/7.   Welcome Home Georgie!!

We are so happy for our Nellie who went to a wonderful home out on Eastern Long Island.  Nellie has a brother who loves her and vice versa.  Nellie is very happy and loved and that is what this is all about.  Welcome Home Nellie!!

We couldn't be happier for our adorable Lily who landed herself one amazing home last weekend.  She has settled in nicely and everyone is beyond happy!  Welcome Home Lily. 

Our beautiful Charley was abandoned when her family moved.  She is now with a loving family who adore her and her sad days are behind her forever.  Welcome Home Charley!

Our little Rosie (now Harley) hit the jackpot with her new Mom and Dad.  She is bringing them such joy and they adore her.  Welcome Home Rosie!!

Our adorable Oscar went home with our wonderful volunteer Wendy and the family adores him.  He is doing great and is very very happy!  Welcome Home Oscar!

Our handsome Jeb found a wonderful home with Liz and we know he has many adventures ahead.  Jeb will no doubt be loved and cherished.  Welcome Home Jeb!

Pep found a forever home with a wonderful couple who love him beyond words.  There is no doubt Pep (now named Rocco) will live happily ever after.

Baby Bear, Katniss and Alexa have gone to their forever homes!  All are happy and loved.

Sweet little Amber was so loving and so lonely without a family of her own.  Well those days are over for the precious pup.  Amber has a loving forever family and she is living the life of a Princess.

Dexter was abandoned and unloved, but those days are over!  Dexter has a wonderful family with human brothers who love him.  

Watching Buddy leave with his wonderful Mom absolutely made our weekend (and more).  This dog who was so neglected will now be treasured.  We are so happy to see him so happy!

We were so happy to see our sweet Winnie go to a wonderful family last evening.  We have no doubt Winnie's life from this day forward will be filled with love and care.

Beautiful Christie has the personality of a lovebug and has found a wonderful forever home with Nick.  We have no doubt her life will be filled with love and only good things from this day on.  We are so happy for you Christie, welcome home!

It doesn't get better than seeing a wonderful family welcome one of our dogs into their heart and home.  This picture says it all.  Welcome Home Sasha!

We are overjoyed that our little Sarah, a wonderful dog overlooked time and again, has gone to an amazing family who adore her.  She has a dog brother and 3 cat siblings and she is as happy as can be.  We can't thank our adopters enough for giving her the chance she needed and opportunity to shine.  Welcome Home Sarah!

On Sunday our wonderful Melody will be going to a lovely family who are awaiting her arrival with joy and excitement.  Every dog should go to that kind of home because adopting a dog is a privilege and a gift like no other.  Welcome Home Melody!!

We could not be happier for our sweet Lucky who was left abandoned outside to fend for himself.  Lucky has gone home to a wonderful family and two girls who will love him forever.  We are so happy for you Lucky!!


Seeing Dallas home with a brother to play with and a Mom and Dad who love him has made us so very happy.  He is doing great and they say he was the perfect brother for their boy Hudson.  Welcome Home Dallas!

We are thrilled to see our Hooch happy in a home with a wonderful family who love him.  We are glad he will spend Thanksgiving in a loving home with people who care.  Welcome Home Hooch!

Our adorable Gulliver (Bo) has found his forever home and we are so happy for him.  His family certainly hit the doggy jackpot with this sweet and loving dog.  "Welcome Home Bo"!

Our adorable Toby found the perfect home and family and we are just thrilled for everyone!!  We are so happy to say "Welcome Home Toby"!

We were thrilled to see our amazing Maverick go home to such a wonderful couple.  It is pretty obvious that this was a match made in heaven.  A wonderful family was born today and we could not be happier or more greatful.  Welcome Home Maverick!!

 Sweet little Selena found a loving family and a wonderful forever home.  We are so happy to see this little girl so happy.  Thank you adopters and Welcome Home Selena!

It's wonderful seeing our puppy go to a loving couple who just can't get enough of her.  She will no doubt have a wonderful life in a loving forever home.  We are so happy to say "Welcome Home Suzie"!

We were thrilled to see our adorable little Dottie (now Lulu) go home with a wonderful couple.  She  has brought them such joy and she is happy as a clam to be with them.  Welcome Home LuLu!

A match made in heaven!!  Welcome home Mandy, we have no doubt your new parents will  love you to the moon and back forever.

Today Bogart's dream has come true.  He found a wonderful family after losing his.  He has children to love and another dog to play with.  Bogart has found his Happily Ever After and we are so happy for him!

Misty's new Mom and Dad are thrilled to have her join their family.  They cannot believe what a good girl she is for one so young.

We are happy to see our adorable Sherrie in a loving forever home.  She is sure to have a wonderful life with her new family.  

Our wonderful Boone has gone home with a lovely couple.  Boone and his new canine brother are already best of friends.  Boone also is living happily with 5 cats!

Our Bonnie is home now with a loving set of parents who adore her.  It is heartwarming to know our very own Bonnie and Clyde have landed wonderful homes.  Do we see a playdate coming?  We sure hope so.  Welcome Home Bonnie!

We are so happy to see Clyde in a loving forever home with wonderful people who are so loving and caring and who think of him as a home run.  Every dog should have a family who feel they are the lucky ones to have their dog in their lives!

Our sweetheart Clara is going home soon.  She has a wonderful forever family who adore her.  We are so happy for this tail wagging, smiling, wonderful girl.

Frances and her Mom are a match made in heaven.  We are so happy for you Frances.

Beautiful Ellie is so happy in her wonderful forever home!

Best Buds!!  Welcome Home Tyler!

Roo wanted nothing more than to be loved and to have a yard to run around and enjoy! We are thrilled to say she got both, a wonderful family who want only the best for her and a home with a yard to play in.  

Lilly has a wonderful home with two little boys who will grow up with her.  She is so happy to have this loving little family.  Lilly definitely has something to smile about and is enjoying a new and wonderful life.  

Daphne is loving life with her new family and is doing great!  So wonderful!!

Lucy's family could not be happier with their little girl! We are thrilled to see our dogs with such wonderful families. 

We are thrilled to see our wonderful Franny in a loving home on Long Island.  Franny is very happy, and so is Mom and Dad. 

Ellie has gone home and now has a canine brother(also adopted from FFOLI)  They are living happily ever after... So happy for Ellie!

Madison is now flourishing and loved with her new family. Welcome home beautiful girl!  

Dog Adoption

Maria has found her new home! We are thrilled to announce this well deserved adoption. This beautiful tabby that came to us pregnant and unwanted and is leaving with her babies all adopted and going to a loving new home. 

Cat Adoption

Ellie was returned to us after what we thought was a successful adoption, but we never gave up and found her the home that she was meant to have with her new adoptive family. She will join them soon and we couldn't be happier.

Dog Adoption

Obie is now home sweet home where he belongs with a family who loves him and a canine sibling! He makes the perfect addition to his new family. Happy life sweetheart! You deserve it.

Dog Adoption

Our sweet Sammy who came to us neglected covered in mange has now fully recovered and found a wonderful family of his own to love and care for him. 

Dog Adoption

Lucy is enjoying life in her new home.  Once in a shelter with a bleak and unknown future, she is happy now in a loving home.

Cat Adoption

We are thrilled to report that our adorable Olivia is happy and loved in her wonderful new forever home!!

Dog Adoption

Our sweet Peaches was adopted in January 2018 and now rests so peacefully in her new bed.

Dog Adoption

Jessie was once shy and timid but in her new home she has flourished into a sweet and playful girl.

Cat Adoption

Jake was with us for far too long but has finally found his furever home.

Dog Adoption

From the meat trade in Thailand to a family to call his own....

Dog Adoption

Bosco found his match in December 2018 and is happy as can be!

Dog Adoption

Forgotten Friends of Long Island is a trusted name when it comes to the adoptions of dogs and cats. We happily provide our animals to those across both Nassau and Suffolk County. If you are interested in adopting a pet, please contact us today by calling 1-516-719-0808. We look forward to finding our animals a new home.