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Feel the love only a dog can give. Adopt today. 

We want the best homes for our dogs.  If you work full time we will not consider a puppy or a dog who needs further training.  We are their voice so will choose the home we feel is best for every one.  Thank you for asking about our amazing dogs and for understanding.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW DOG ADOPTION APPLICATION  (Dogs under 6 months, $300, over 6 months, $250.00 donation fee) 


Sasha is a young dog probably under two years old.  She is tiny, less than 40 pounds and she is the sweetest little dog imaginable.  Sasha loves to play with other nice dogs and loves all people.  We think Sasha is the best kisser we know!! If you have the love, time, and ability to give her the home she deserves please contact us here or call 516 719-0808.   Thank you!


COMING 12/15

Christie is a young sweetheart of a dog who is as gentle and loving as can be.  She likes other nice dogs like herself and all people  Christie will be a wonderful addition to a family!  Please call us or message us here to make an appointment to meet Christie. 



A sweeter or gentler young dog would be hard to find than our precious Winnie who is a purebred Coonhound.  Coonhounds make great pets because they are calm, gentle, and playful with families and other dogs. ... Coonhounds are affectionate and love being with their people. Enthusiastic and eager to please, coonhounds are also sensitive; nothing looks more miserable than an unhappy hound dog. Winnie was picked up as a stray with heartworm that went untreated for 4 months as she waited in a high kill shelter to be saved.  She has now received her life saving treatment.  Winnie will need a calm environment and nice walks but no running crazy for the next couple months but she will be just fine!

Please contact us here or call us 516 719-0808.   Thank you!


(In Foster Care)

Our little Uno is 21 lbs. of sweetness.  He is shy and misses his sisters.  He was happiest with another little dog friend to run and play with.  Uno will need patience as he is scared and takes time to adjust to new things.  But this dog has not an ounce of aggression in him and is an adorable and loving little boy. If you are home and have the time for this wonderful little dog please call us to arrange to meet him. Uno is only a phone call away.


Long Island Dog Adoption

Forgotten Friends of Long Island provides residents of Nassau and Suffolk County the opportunity to adopt a rescue animal. We have been providing people across Suffolk and Nassau County with dog adoptions for years and we love each and every person who has adopted one of our dogs. We are a non-profit organization and all the money we receive goes directly to helping our rescue dogs and cats.

It is truly a great feeling to find a owner for each of our dogs. If you think you are right for one of our dogs and wish to adopt, please contact us today. The number to call regarding a dog adoption is 516-719-0808. We can provide you with all the information required in our adoption processes. Help us find a new home for our rescue dogs!